Where to get the program?

Mobile application is available in Mobile Store and can be downloaded in a convenient way. First of all, personal information should be noted.

How can we join the program?

To access the software fast and easy, you only have to enter your own mobile number. At this time, you will be sent a password by SMS. With this password, you will be able to access the program in a convenient way.

Balance in the program?

Once you have entered the program, the first window has information about your operations. You'll see the amount you're spending and the reimbursable amount (bonus) comfortably. Also information on the substitute and residual amount of the recovered funds is provided. You can enter the amount of bonus you want to use on this main page and use it for unlimited time.

How to get bonus account?

After scanning the QR code on the receipt submitted to you at the trade object via the Add button on the right, the following account and refund bonus funds will automatically be reflected in your account history.

List of products and price?

The date, the amount and the amount of the item will be reflected when you click on the paid account in the History section.